How to create successful VR trainings for a specific audience

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a powerful tool that transforms the way we teach and train people, enabling workers to:

  • Retain information and skills better
  • Be more motivated by the courses
  • Focus more on problem-solving

But is it still worth it when you have very specific needs for the course's content, or too small of an audience? (you think!)

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In this VR Training Ebook, you will learn:

Share&Viz Duo VR training

When you should use Virtual Reality training

Understand how VR provides a cost-effective method to train students or employees

VR training with Powerwall

What if you train a specific audience

Learn how to overcome the limits of "classic" VR training, even with very specific needs


What VR Environment
you need for training


Discover what trainings can benefit from VR and how to chose the best VR system